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Proffessional Activity

NanoAlvand was established in 2011


History; Professional Activity

NanoAlvand was established in 2011 and launched its first production line for injectable anti-cancer drugs in Avicenna Technology Park of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in 2014 and released its first commercial product in 2015. The next step was to expand the business. To accomplish this goal, the company commenced producing hazardous Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) form products in 2016.

Next Step

Now, NanoAlvand has three production lines: injectable vials, tablets, capsules, and pre-filled syringes. These products are widely used in various cancers, multiple sclerosis (MS), pulmonary hypertension, fungal infections, transplant rejection, osteoporosis, COVID-19, and some autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our vision is to expand our product portfolio to produce generic forms of hazardous.


These goals will be achieved by competitive intelligence, ambitious decision-making, and agility in developing and manufacturing candidate drugs, which will enable us to build a close relationship with our customers. In addition, using top-quality materials from well-known international suppliers, developing organizational infrastructure, and hiring young and high potential personnel will lead the company toward a high-quality, and high-technology portfolio.

Production Technology

Oral Dosage Form Line

  • 1072 m2 cleanroom
  • Isolator and full containment technology for all production equipment    (OEB 3/4/5)

Sterile Injectable Vial Line

  • 800 m2 cleanroom
  • From 2R vial up to 100ml
  • Isolators and full containment technology for Weighing, Dispensing, Formulation, and Aseptic formulation.
  • Aseptic Filtration, Filling, and Sealing integrated with vial Auto-load-Un-load system for freeze drying process. (Up to OEB 5).

Research & Development

  • 500 m2  R&D labs
  • Highly talented professionals in analytical and medicinal chemistry.
  • Strong and quality-focused R&D department.
  • Utilized cutting-edge technologies.
  • 2 separate well-equipped laboratories for finished dosage forms and analytical method development.
  • Different technical facilities: tablet press utilities, fluidized bed drier, lyophilizer, …
  • 60 formulations in multiple therapeutic areas.

Quality Control

  • 600 m2 QC labs
  • Working accordance to current Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice guidelines, based on pharmacopeia (USP & EP) standards and ICH protocols
  • Physicochemical labs are equipped by isolators and precise analytical equipment including 15 HPLC, GC with head space, FT-IR, liquids particle counter, walking stability chambers.
  • Dedicated isolator for IPQC, QC and weighing
  • 145 m2  Microbiology labs
  • Microbiology labs: Grade D, C
  • Sterility test area, equipped with class A isolator and Sartorius sterility pump

Quality; a cornerstone in NanoAlvand

The quality management system in NanoAlvand is perfectly aligned with international standards (cGMP). We are committed providing our customers, patients, or medical professionals with unwavering quality. This commitment is reflected throughout all production stages, such as selecting API suppliers and quality control tests during and after production.

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