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Letocan- Caspofungin

Drug Name : Letocan- Caspofungin
Drug Category : Antifungal
Pharmacological Category: ضد قارچ / Anti fungal
Brand Name : Letocan
Drug Forms :

LETOCAN ® 50 mg is a lyophilized white to off-white cake or powder for intravenous infusion supplied in single-dose vials with an aluminum cap and a turquoise blue flip-flap cap. LETOCAN® 50 mg also contains sucrose, mannitol, glacial acetic acid, and sodium hydroxide.

LETOCAN ® 70 mg is a white to off-white powder/cake for infusion in a vial with an aluminum cap and a blue flip-flap cap.


In 6 healthy subjects who received a single 210-mg dose, no significant adverse reactions were reported. Multiple doses above 150 mg daily have not been studied. CASPOFUNGIN acetate is not dialyzable. In clinical trials, one pediatric patient (16 years of age) unintentionally received a single dose of CASPOFUNGIN acetate of 113 mg (on Day 1), followed by 80 mg daily for an additional 7 days. No clinically significant adverse reactions were reported.

FDA Approval

CASPOFUNGIN had been approved by FDA for invasive aspergillosis on Jan. 2001